Shakespeare’s Sonnet No. 73

At one of the processing desks there sat a dignified-looking middle-aged soldier. I started a conversation with him and found he was the director of the Bremen Symphony. And I invited him to dinner at our house. I picked up my prisoner (he was not yet discharged) and brought him to the house. We had a fine meal, with wine and everything, and afterwards we listened to a recording of Brahms’ 3rd Symphony. Later, when I took him back to the camp, he said that he felt he was becoming civilized again… About eight months later, when I was back home, I received a letter from him, thanking me again for that evening. He had reestablished the orchestra, and he had opened the season with a playing of Brahms 3rd. That music became indelibly linked to that experience for me.

Length of complete piece: 3:15

Shakespeare's Sonnet 73